Wine Tasting with 'Riedel'

Starts: 9/23/2017 Ends: 9/23/2017
Location: Buckstop Junction, Bismarck

                                            “Wine Tasting with Riedel” @-Applefest - 1:00 p.m. Saturday Sept. 23

                                                                                 Buckstop Junction, Bismarck

Cost is $65/person and includes 3 full size tasting glasses for you to keep and entrance into Applefest.  The tasting set, which retails for $104, contains a Old World Syrah, New World Pinot Noir and Cabernet/Merlot glass.

Our guest speaker for this event is Mary Beth Baumberger, Regional Sales Manager for Riedel.  She is an expert in her field and has hosted wine tastings all over the United States and we are honored to have her at Applefest. 

Wine provided by Williquors~