My Hero

The Bismarck Cancer Center knows that the battle with cancer is difficult and life-changing.  During your personal journey, different people may have touched us in special ways that helped us win our battle or merely lessened our load.

For others, a professional or a friend may have made a significant contribution to our fight against cancer that made a positive impact on the others or the community.  The “My Hero” program is a way to give back and honor your hero.

We want to hear about the hero in your life.  All hero nominees will be invited to a reception in their honor where they will be recognized for making a difference in your life.  In addition, your nomination will be listed on the website.

Nomination guidelines:

  • “My Hero” must be a North Dakota resident
  • Individuals that may be “My Hero”: a friend, family member, community professional, a volunteer, a clergy member or other.
  • My Hero has made a significant or meaningful contribution to my cancer journey or the journey of others.
  • My Hero has contributed to individuals in their cancer journeys through education, screening, care, support, time, assistance or other significant way.

Support “My Hero”

Support your Hero today by making a donation in their name. Please enclose a check or donate online today!. All Hero nominees will be recognized at a special event each year.

My Hero Nomination Form

Nominate your Hero by completing the application below.