Types of therapy offered

Massage Therapy: At the Bismarck Cancer Center, 10-minute therapeutic massages are available for current patients after their treatments. These massages help relieve stress, reduce muscle tension and stiffness, foster faster healing, and provide many other physical and mental health benefits to patients.

Physical Therapy: Because cancer treatments take a toll on the body, survivors often feel profound fatigue and deconditioning. In cooperation with CHI St. Alexius Medical Center, the Foundation provides physical therapy evaluations for patients. The physical therapy program is designed to help increase a patient’s ability to live a normal and active life during and after cancer treatment.

Art Therapy: There are times when patients and cancer survivors have a difficult time expressing themselves. Other times, they just need a creative outlet. The Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation offers art therapy classes to help with the healing process and provide a source of creative, therapeutic self-expression.