About Us

At the Bismarck Cancer Center, we know that there is so much more to fighting cancer than just treating the disease, which is why the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation, established in 2007, provides an amazing array of services to help patients during their cancer journeys. The Foundation is committed to providing hope, help, and healing that goes beyond radiation therapy treatments. These supportive therapies, offered free of charge, are designed to wrap patients in love, support, and understanding while alleviating unnecessary stress and financial burdens from their lives.

The Foundation raises funds through business and private donations, fundraising events, and local and national grants. Funds are used to provide medical and holistic care for the mind, body and spirit of the patients and their families.

Services include: financial and transportation assistance, lodging assistance, support groups, emotional and spiritual counseling (REACH program), dietary counseling, massage therapy, physical therapy, art therapy, survivorship care plans and early detection and screening.